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Air freshener spray BLUE | Home and Car 250 ml

Air freshener spray BLUE | Home and Car 250 ml


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Air freshener spray BLUE for car and home 250 ml


Do you remember that feeling of freshness when you open the window and feel the breeze coming in? You don't have to search anymore. Agerul Premium Blue is the air freshener that allows you to relive that experience from the first second. The perfect product for all Lovers of comfort and delicate rooms that enjoy creating a different environment Its soft and natural aroma makes it one of the best air fresheners to be used both in rooms or halls and in the bathroom. In addition, it is a practical dispenser and 250 ml format. makes it very comfortable for the car. It is especially suitable for use after cleaning, helping to maintain a feeling of freshness or to correct unwanted odours. A few sprays are enough for a lasting effect over time. 

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