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Air freshener ROSES | Home DROP BY DROP 125 ml

Air freshener ROSES | Home DROP BY DROP 125 ml


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Air freshener ROSES Home DROP BY DROP 125 ml

Floral elegance

Not all rose air fresheners manage to recreate their original perfume. But Roses de Agerul's drop-by-drop air freshener does it sweetly and delicately. It is the ideal aromatic complement to the most elegant cleaning. Create a sensation of fresh roses that do not go unnoticed in any room or room Being super concentrated, very little product is enough to make each stay more pleasant and harmonious. In addition, our air freshener is also capable of deodorizing and eliminating any bad odour in a matter of seconds. Wardrobes, bathrooms, kitchens, cars, offices. Did you know that it can also be used as a filler for electric air fresheners? Products for a perfect cleaning that saves effort, time, and money. It's the Agerul effect! A single spray of ROSES | Home DROP BY DROP 125 ml will transport you to a world of subtle scent and sophistication. Its long-lasting aroma is the perfect way to enhance any room in your home or car and its Concentrated formula is guaranteed to deodorize even the most persistent of odors. With a touch of luxury and effortless elegance, you can experience the Agerul effect with this premium air freshener.

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